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Rhinoplasty surgery before & after

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a process performed for the remodeling of the nose in patients. Thus improving the facial harmony and the proportions of the nose. It is also performed for the correction or alteration of breathing caused by bodily defects.

Rhinoplasty treatment :

– Profile of the nose and position of the nostrils

– Nasal tip bulging or enlarged, drooping,             down or hooked.

– Nose width, sizes

– Asymmetry in the nostrils

– Visible deformed profile or depressions inside.



Types of rhinoplasty

Correction rhinoplasty of a deviated septum.

This nose surgery is done to eliminate the obstruction of the airway, carefully evaluating the nasal structure. In relation to breathing and air flow.

Rhinoplasty of nasal fractures

There are different types of nasal fractures. Without proper treatment, these can block breathing and result in a deformed or bulging nose. Fractures can occur anywhere in the bone part. There are various types of procedures or osteotomy to reattach and restore the bones. This is achieved by adjusting the nasal structure to the proper shape for further alignment.

Surgery for the reduction of the nose tip

If the termination of a nose or tip lacks a definition or is too defined, it can be seen as an adequate turn. The rotation refers to the rotation of all the perspectives of the nose, the tension to the movement. When making the adjustment at the tip of the nose, the surgeon will pay special attention to the base of the nose because it affects the tension and rotation.

Nose width reduction

When we see the shape of the nose from below we noticed a triangle of the nostrils called piriform opening. To reduce the width, the surgeon will reduce the piriform opening.

Megan fox – As we can see his nose is seen deprojected and a diminished and softened protuberance. If everything is correct, then we will know that you had a closed reduction rhinoplasty without grafts.