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hernia surgery

What is a hernia ?

Hernia surgery is a process that repairs the walls of an organism or inner part of a body. Mostly the procedure is given to the abdominal or groin height. Often the hernia or protuberance can be harmless and not manifest pain.

  • Groin – A hernia or protrusion occurs below the groin,
  • and may expand to the sexual parts.
  • Part of the stomach – Hiatus or hiatal hernia, it is the upper
  • part of the stomach that pushes upwards out of the abdominal cavity,
  • and into the thoracic cavity through an opening in the diaphragm.
  • After some surgical scar – A bulge after an incision or surgery
  • on the abdominal part.
  • belly button – A protuberance produced by an umbilical hernia.


Hernia surgery

The hernia surgery is based on the removal of the protuberance by means of minimally invasive incisions. This is done with tiny cameras and tools to repair the hernia. Some patients feel less pain and get to recover very quickly after this operation.
On the other hand, surgery with open incisions can be performed depending on the severity of the hernia, making an incision in the abdomen and bringing the organs in condition to their place.

View of the marking and incisions that are made in the intervention.











Then I leave you before and after the surgery of hernia…











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