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Free plastic surgery simulator

See the before / after plastic surgery with this free application

We are all interested in being able to see the change before the rhinoplasty surgery. Well, if you are considering doing a nose job, this simulation program can be very helpful to remove it and see your ideal nose.

Once you have finished reshaping your nose, you can send your before / after photos to your facial plastic surgeon to discuss the possibilities of the operation.

Change the lateral profile of your nose

Step 1: With your mouse, select the area of the nose that you would like to change.

Step 2: Click and hold the mouse over the area you just highlighted. Next, the mouse cursor will turn into a circle.

Step 3: Drag the area to achieve the desired change in your nose. You will see that your nose changes or “transforms” as you drag the area.

Step 4: Click on the Before / After menu item to see the final result in a great animation. You can pause the animation at different points to see almost infinite variations before / after. This is the simulator of surgeries in action !

Now is your turn! Start the free nose surgery simulation tool, with your own photos.

Free plastic surgery simulator